Jan 162016

We have a blind beaglier named Patch that just turned 1 and around Aug 2015 we decided that she needed some training as she was picking up some bad habits, such as chewing furniture and soft furnishing, jumping on people and not letting go, etc. We searched the internet to see if anyone did dog training for blind dogs and was unable to find anything specific so then looked for dog training that catered for beagles (ie. dogs that used their sense smell a lot which was a trait she seemed to have). We came across Affinity Dog training and after speaking to Christian about the techniques that he uses and whether those techniques would work for a blind dog we decided to try it out. It was the best decision we have made for Patch. Christian uses voice commands and different tones to help the dog understand what behaviour is good and bad. He spends time with the owners to help them learn the techniques so they can continue training with the dog. After a 1 hour training session, Patch would sleep most of the day as she was mentally drained. After 4 weeks of training we had a better behaved dog and we had a better understanding of how to communicate with her. As time goes by we continue to use these techniques to develop her skill set and being a blind dog we have accepted the challenge to see how far we can take the training. It amazes me each and every time at what she has achieved and continues to achieve.Affinity Dog Sydney Dog Training_Patch

M.Pajeska and Patch – Stanhope Gardens. Sydney, NSW.