Jun 052015
Affinity Dog Training Tyra Scout

Affinity Dog Training Tyra Scout

Dear Christian,

I know our relationship hasn’t be going on for too long (2 months) but….You have helped us learn how to listen, sit, drop, and walk without trying to kill our patient big softy mum. We now understand how to still have fun and be big kids, but, now with boundaries where we all feel safe, secure and confident. We always had lots of fun with our mum and visitors, but now we see everyone even more happy and impressed with us because we are listening a whole lot better.. Ok sometimes we still get a little over excited but we now understand and know when we have gone too far and our no circle is coming!

You have been patient and very understanding and sweet with us, we can tell and know you truly care about us..( we hear our mum say it all the time!) We love our walks with you and our training… You keep our bodies and minds fit and active and help us reach our potential as well as ours, our mums and your expectations, all while having fun, some pats and cuddles. You are never mean or harsh with us even when we might have a bad day..(we all have those days!)

We love our new friend Christian and think that every doggy big or small should have some time with you!.. We will be telling all our puppy friends at the get togethers all about you!

Most of all, you have helped our mum be more relaxed and confident with us.. We thank you and give you a big paw high 5!

Lots of slobbery kisses…..

Tyra and Scout x
Kellyville Ridge, Sydney

Ps.. Mum did help us write this we were still a little tired from our walk with you today to do it. See you soon!!”