Sep 052015

Dear Christian,

Thank you for your recent services to assist my family with our corgi Honey.

I contacted you as Honey would disturb our neighbours with her barking and jump up on visitors. My husband and I had also just bought home a baby boy and I wanted to ensure that as he grows up we have a safe environment for him. The initial session really put me at ease that I had made the right decision to contact you; it was informative, interactive and I knew I could use the tools you explained in our daily life.
It didn’t take long to see results and this whole exercise has increased my bond with Honey as we now have a common language to communicate with which has resulted in a much more harmonious family environment (plus happier neighbours). I was pleased that as we progressed not only was I able to correct the barking and jumping but Honey and I also gained other skills to utilise in various situations. You were very personable, patient and committed to getting results. I felt supported through the whole process and ultimately it was extremely enjoyable. Anyone who is considering using your services shouldn’t hesitate as I highly recommend your work, my only regret isn’t utilising them sooner.

You are a real asset to our community. Please feel free to use this testimonial.  Affinity Dog Training_HoneyThank you again and I’m sure I will see you soon.


C. Susic, Kellyville Ridge. ( Honey – Corgi)