May 082017

Before Christian, our dog Sunny was dog-reactive, bike-reactive, kid-on-scooter reactive, and almost anything else you can think of reactive.affinity-dog-training-sydney-sunny1

Now, we can confidently bring Sunny anywhere knowing that she trusts us to handle situations i.e another dog walking by or a bike riding past.

In four lessons we managed to cover everything that was a problem point for Sunny, as Christian tailored our lessons to what we (and she) needed – as well as covering the necessary basics. For us, that was: excessive barking when dogs or loud people walked by the house; getting into food that wasn’t hers; being dog reactive while walking on a leash; and jumping up on most people she met.

The style in which Christian trains his dogs is not only the most practical and efficient, but it’s the best way for your dog to completely respect you, and not the version of you with a treat at the end of your fingers.

What I loved most about Affinity Dog’s training program is that we learnt alongside our dog. Sunny wasn’t just sent off and then returned with a behavioral adjustment… we learned as well, and now, while we only had four lessons, we have a lifetime of basic training knowledge.

Sunny is cool as a cucumber these days when we take her out, she’ll happily lie down next to us when we go out for coffee and is now only curious of her surroundings, without showing any signs of aggression. But what I love most is that during her training, Sunny hasn’t lost any of her crazy personality – she now just knows the time and place.

With Christian you can tell your dog is in the hands of a true professional, and more importantly  – a fellow dog lover.

We could not recommend Christian highly enough,  we seriously tell everyone about him!

Anne & Lucy, Stanhope Gardens , Sydney, NSW.