Dog Board and Train


Is your dog’s behavior becoming overwhelming or getting out of hand ?affinity-dog-training_bt

Do they somewhat follow commands, but still make bad choices when left alone?

Do you dream of your dog listening to you and reliably following commands ?

Then this is the program for you.

Our Board and Train Programs are also a great foundation for all dogs to get basic house manners, obedience, and specialised training.


We accept only a very limited number of dogs at a time in order to ensure the highest training standards and client satisfaction.

This program is great for people that may not have a lot of time initially to train their dogs but have enough time to maintain the work that was done.

Alternatively, if you’re going away and want your dog looked after AND trained at the same time, then this would be a perfect solution.

NOTE: This option takes less time and is less work for you in the beginning.  HOWEVER -There is a level of commitment on your part afterward ! The dog’s relationship must be with YOU and we cannot replace that.

This is total immersion training, more in depth, every moment counts. They stay in our house and therefore are getting almost constant attention.

Some other Board and Train places offer as little as 15minutes “training” a day, then dogs are put back in their kennels the rest of the time. The extra attention and immersion we can offer, instils more accountability on your dog to make changes more quickly.


Advantages of Board and Train:

  • Faster Results – Training methods are canine communication orientated and immersive. The dog is getting trained properly everyday, so takes less time than group or sometimes even Private training.
  • Less Stress on You – We train your dog, saving you time and energy.  As a follow-up, you receive in-home instructions, in which you learn how to maintain your dog’s new training
  • Clear and Fast Learning – In addition to formal training sessions, your dog has the advantage of living with us and have his/her behavior continually and consistently shaped.
  • We only accept a very limited number of dogs at one time, which means that your dog is guaranteed individualised attention and time
  • Your dog will live in a comfortable air conditioned home (not a outdoor kennel) with a trainer.  Yards are open and interesting, and dogs are given ample opportunities for exercise, playtime, and socialisation in a safe environment.  We go out of our way to make sure your dog’s stay with us is pleasant and enjoyable. After all training should be effective and fun!

What commands are covered ?

  • Heeling (loose leash walking)
  • Sit
  • Sit and Stay (Sit step away)
  • Drop
  • Drop and Stay (Drop step away)
  • Recall (Come to me )

All commands are taught under distraction and NO treats are used in the training process. (Dogs still get treats – for being dogs)

What is included ?

  • We deliver your dog back to your home on completion of the training. (Distance permitting)
  • All boarding, feeding and extra care needs (if required)
  • Play and exercise time each day.
  • Training provided by a Alpha Canine Advanced Professional
  • 2 – 3 hours of professional instruction (including exclusive Canine Good Behaviour Shaping techniques) taught to you at the end of the course in your own home!
  • High quality, Australian made Blackdog training halter or training collar
  • Easy to follow, written, step-by-step instructions to reinforce the training
  • Unlimited support via email, text, or phone for life of the dog


How long are the programs ?

Currently we have 10 and 20 day programs – the main difference being the 20 day program allows us to deal with more in grained issues and/or achieve higher levels of reliability.

While the programs are based around 10 or 20 days, the length of time can be modified to suit your individual requirements. (eg. if your going away for 14 days we can still do the 10 day program)

What next ?

To get further information and pricing, please fill out the form here.  Alternatively, you can send us an email at or call us on 0412 258 203  – Thank you.

Django learning to ignore distractions. ie. bouncing ball and other dogs.