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Behaviour modification is used to change a particular behaviour. If the dog is reactive to other dogs or jumps up on people this can be changed, using a systematic approach.

Behaviour modification is heavily intertwined with obedience. Obedience training sets the foundation for behaviour modification and gives us the tools used help to change the behaviour. In the process the obedience training is reinforced as well.

Techniques such as a drop/stay can be used to establish calmness to a given stimulus, encourage self control, and ability to deal with a situation in a desirable manner.

Often a couple of points are overlooked or under-estimated in behaviour modification:

1. Properly established obedience training

2. Avoiding a situation is not a remedy

Understanding the situation, the levels of leadership within the household, the dogs ability to follow commands along with encouragement from their owners, is vital in changing a behaviour.

Leadership and a proper relationship is paramount and is critical for long lasting change – you can get some more information here – Dog behaviour & relationship- where the magic-happens

A change in the dogs attitude is also required, suppressing or just using distracting/ignoring behaviour techniques is not a solid solution.

We can show you how with a common language and a better understanding, your dog can become a well behaved member of the family.

So what makes Affinity Dog different?

Affinity dog was established  to provide you RELIABLE and LONG LASTING dog behavior training that works UNDER DISTRACTION.

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In the video below, we were asked to help with this dog that before training was VERY reactive to other dogs, especially when walking.

There were also major issues with walking on a leash. Next to that one on the right we have Monroe.

Below is a short example of dogs listening to commands and understanding boundaries.