May 312017
Sydney Dog Trainers guide to Dogs and Body language.

Dogs are always watching our Body Language for good reason. One area of interaction with dogs that again does not seem to get enough attention, but yet is crucial, is that of body language. It’s those non verbal cues we send out (and internalise) that make up body language. It is said that up to […]

Mar 082017
A great dog, in less time with less effort.

After a few phone calls that lead to discussing this topic, and a couple of examples from my own dogs, the idea of relationship has come up again. I know it’s been done a couple of times, but we’ll just revisit from another angle, because it is so huge ! While we do have a […]

Feb 262017
Are you being a Crazy person to your dog ?

The dog won’t listen to me ! Well, are you being a bit of a “crazy person” for your dog ? When you see someone who is insistently muttering to themselves or they blurt out seemingly random words or phrases we have a tendency to ignore that person a bit more. (putting the thought of […]

Jul 262016
The Benefits of Private Dog Training

You get one-on-one training. You get individual attention. No need to compete with other owners and dogs for the trainer’s time.  You’ll have the trainer’s undivided attention for the entire lesson, you can ask as many questions as you like and get an immediate answer. This is a BIGGIE as many group classes tend to […]

Oct 192015
Intentions and your dog

What are your intentions ? Sometimes used as a question to aircraft or a ship that has drifted into territorial waters or sometimes a question asked of a young man when courting a lady. So what does it have to do with dog training ? Well….. When training a dog, there are a number of […]

Jul 302015
Reason For Good Dog Training

Another Reason For Good Dog Training – so you can take your dog out to events where they might bump into lots of people or large blue birds… Dog Training can be more than a lesson for the dog, it is a bonding experience and relationship building time between the owner and the dog.